Experience the freedom of flying on New Zealand’s only Jetbike!

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Jetovator NZ is based in beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand. We offer unique hydro flights over Lake Wakatipu on a purpose-built bike powered by the thrust of a jetski. Our skilled jetski drivers create customized flights for riders of all ages and abilities. As the official New Zealand retailer for Jetavation Inc., we also offer Jetovators for purchase.
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Imagine flying over the crystal blue waters of Lake Wakatipu.

Jets thrust you into the sky, and you effortlessly dive and soar over one of the most stunning destinations in the world.

This is Jetovator Queenstown.

As New Zealand’s only Jetbike rental, we offer a unique adventure experience that is tailored to each rider’s skills and interests.

Jetovator uses the thrust of a jetski to propel riders into flight on a specially designed bike. No prior experience is necessary.

We are located at Fisherman’s Pier in the inviting Frankton Marina, just a short drive or water taxi from central Queenstown.

One-on-One instruction ensures riders of all abilities can Ride the Hose!

Unique Personalized Experiences

Every Jetovator experience is unique! Riders can choose to fly like a bird or attempt personal challenges, such as diving and freestyle tricks.

Despite its impressive aerial capabilities, Jetovator is easy to operate. Our skilled guides provide personalised training to suit each rider’s skills and preferences.

Jetovator is a safe, thoroughly tested jetski accessory. Our experienced guides ensure every rider learns to fly safely, quickly, and within their comfort zone.

Riders can choose to explore Lake Wakatipu with a leisurely flight just above the water surface.

More adventurous riders can fly up to 40kph, soar up to 40 feet in the air, and dive 10 feet under water.

Skilled riders can also attempt freestyle tricks with one-on-one instruction.

We Provide:

One-on-one instruction session

Life jacket

Safety helmet


Fisherman’s Pier Amenities:

Free parking

Changing area


Adjoining cafe overlooking Lake Wakatipu

Water taxi access from town ($10)

The Jetovator Experience

Fly up 25 feet


Fly up to 40 feet.

Alt Text


Dive down to 10 feet.

Alt Text


Speeds up to 40 kph.

Alt Text

Back Flips

Try back flips.

Alt Text

Barrel Rolls

Learn freestyle tricks like barrel rolls.

Alt Text


Perform corkscrews and other stunts.


Still not sure what to expect from your Jetovator Experience? Click the video link below to see Queenstown’s most thrilling aerial water activities in action!

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