Full freedom of movement, greater control, and incredible agility make this the ultimate hydro flying machine you can strap to your feet.

Similar to the Flyboard, the thrust of the twin jets of water under your feet and the height you reach flying is controlled by the jetski operator.

The difference is Defy Jetdeck’s independent foot movement gives flyers the ability to control each foot/nozzle separately. This means the rider gains more control in the air and in the water. The beginner will be able to recover much quicker from mistakes and the seasoned rider can initiate faster spins and more advanced manoeuvres.

Steering with your feet saves the rider from having to throw their weight around or use hand nozzles when turning, just tilt your feet and watch it come around. With a simple flick of the feet you’ll soon be spinning and carving your name in the sky.

Your Defy Jetdeck adventure lasts for around 30 minutes.


Once you are up and flying and we have covered the basics of manoeuvring the experience cranks up a notch with your instructor increasing the power to get you higher above the water and truly experiencing flying like a superhero.

Through our Bluetooth headset helmets the instructor on the jetski will be able to advise and offer tips as you fly.


DURATION: 30 minutes but please allow up to 1 hour and 15 minutes for the whole experience.

TOP SPEED: 30-35kph

TOP HEIGHT: 9 metres (30 feet) up in the air

RESTRICTIONS: Minimum age 15 years old (parent’s permission required for flyers aged 15-17 years old. If you’re over 110kg give us a call re wetsuit sizing. You need to comfortable in the water to fly the Defy Jetdeck.

WE PROVIDE: Wetsuit, lifejacket, helmet with Bluetooth headset that lets you communicate with your instructor. Optional Gopro footage on SD card of your flight filmed from the jetski.

YOU BRING: Swim suit and towel