Why choose Jetovator NZ & Hydroflights Queenstown?
All our products are safe and thoroughly tested jetski accessories. Our experienced guides ensure every flyer learns to fly safely, quickly, and within their comfort zone. Flyers can choose to explore Lake Wakatipu with a leisurely flight just above the water surface while more adventurous riders can fly up to 40kph, soar up to 40 feet in the air, and dive 10 feet under water.

Do I need to book ahead?
Our Hydroflight products are all one-on-one with the instructor so it is recommended to book ahead to allow missing out.

How long does the trip last?
30 minutes. Allow up to an hour 15 minutes for check in, changing, safety briefing and your trip.

Where do I check in?
Check in at Watersport World, Fisherman’s Pier, Sugar Lane, Frankton Marina.

What should I bring?
Swimsuit, towel and a sense of adventure

Who drives the jetski?
Your instructor will be on the attached jetski craft, controlling the thrust (and therefore how high you fly), as well as offering tips and advice as you go. That all means you just have to concentrate on which direction you want to go and enjoying the ride.

How long does it take to learn to fly?
Most people are up and flying in 5 to 10 minutes. Our experienced instructors will give you instruction on shore before your trip and in the water, communicating easily using our Bluetooth headsets to get you up and flying.

Is the water cold?
Lake Wakatipu can be cold but the shallower water in the Frankton Arm means the temperature is higher than the main part of the lake. We also provide you with a thick wetsuit and booties (for Jetovator and Shred Sled).

Is there a minimum age?
15 years old. Parent or guardian’s permission is required for anyone under 18.

Is there a weight or height restriction?
If you are over 110kg give us a call regarding wetsuit sizing.

Is the trip weather dependent?
The Frankton Arm is more protected from the weather than the main part of the lake so it is very rare that we would need to cancel a trip.

Can I do a hydro flight if I have an injury?
If you have any specific medical conditions such as breaks, fractures or if you suffer from back or neck problems, it is not recommended. Unfortunately if you are pregnant or have a serious heart condition we definitely do not recommend that you do either experience.

How high can I go?
9 metres (30 feet) up in the air

How fast can I go?

What do you supply?
Wetsuit, wetsuit booties, lifejacket, helmet with Bluetooth headset that lets you communicate with your instructor. Optional Gopro footage on SD card of your flight filmed from the jetski.

What if I can’t swim?
We provide a life jacket so you don’t need to be a great swimmer but you must be comfortable in the water.

Where can I leave my belongings?
You can leave belongings with the desk staff in Watersport World.

Can their friends or family watch?
They can watch from the jetty but sometimes we’ll drift a few hundred metres away.

Can I bring my camera/phone on my hydroflight?
No. The water is deep, if you dropped it it’s gone.

Do you film my trip?
We offer the option to film your trip from the jetski on mini SD card. Enquire at check in.