Jetovator NZ is based in beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand. We offer a unique hydro flight over Lake Wakatipu on a purpose-built bike powered by the thrust of a jetski. Our skilled jetski drivers can create customized flights for riders of all ages and abilities.

Imagine flying over the crystal blue waters of Lake Wakatipu. Jets of waters thrust you into the sky, and you effortlessly dive and soar over one of the most stunning destinations in the world.

This is Jetovator Queenstown.

As New Zealand’s only Jetbike rental, we offer a unique adventure experience that is tailored to each rider’s skills and interests. No prior experience is necessary. One-on-one instruction ensures riders of all abilities can ride the hose!


Every Jetovator experience is unique! Riders can choose to fly like a bird or attempt personal challenges, such as diving and freestyle tricks.

The Jetovator offers a stable set-up with a tripod of water columns supporting you from beneath. There’s one spray stream beneath your foot rest providing lift and another two powering from the front to control speed and direction. You’ll be perched on the bike-style seat using the handlebars to orientate the forward jets to steer. The three jets of water make the Jetovator more stable than our other hydro flight products and most people are able to get up and out of the water within a few minutes.

The equipment is particularly lightweight and agile because it doesn’t have an onboard power source. Indeed, why house a heavy engine, when you can tether yourself to a high powered jet ski via a 40 ft hose. Your instructor will be on the attached jetski craft, controlling the thrust (and therefore how high you fly), as well as offering tips and advice as you go. That all means you just have to concentrate on which direction you want to go and enjoying the ride.

Your Jetovator adventure lasts for 30 minutes.
Once you are up and running and we have covered the basics of the handling the Jetovator, the experience cranks up a notch with your instructor increasing the power. Prepare to potentially rise to a height of around 30ft and accelerate at speeds approaching 30-35kph, all thanks to the power of water. If you take to Jetovator riding like a duck to water, you might even want to try some more daring manoeuvres including twists and turns.


DURATION: 30 minutes but please allow up to 1 hour and 15 minutes for the whole experience.

TOP SPEED: 30-35kph

TOP HEIGHT: 9 metres (30 feet) up in the air

RESTRICTIONS: Minimum age 15 years old (parent’s permission required for flyers aged 15-17 years old. If you’re over 110kg give us a call re wetsuit sizing. You need to comfortable in the water to ride the Jetovator.

WE PROVIDE: Wetsuit, wetsuit booties, lifejacket, helmet with Bluetooth headset that lets you communicate with your instructor. Optional Gopro footage on SD card of your flight filmed from the jetski.

YOU BRING: Swim suit and towel