If you’ve mastered the Jetovator Jetbike or the Defy Jetdeck take it to the next level with the Shred Sled. 

Brought to you by the innovators at Jetovator, introducing the SHRED SLED; a simple, comfortable, single-jet powered sled that is super easy to ride. Riders start off on their knees and then transition to a standing position at full height.


Your shred sled adventure lasts for 30 minutes.
Once you are up and running and we have covered the basics of the handling the Shred Sled, the experience cranks up a notch with your instructor increasing the power. Prepare to potentially rise to a height of around 30ft and accelerate at speeds approaching 30kph, all thanks to the power of water. If you take to carving your shred sled like a pro, you might even want to try some more daring manoeuvres including twists and turns.


DURATION: 30 minutes but please allow up to 1 hour and 15 minutes for the whole experience.

TOP SPEED: 30kph

TOP HEIGHT: 9 metres (30 feet) up in the air

RESTRICTIONS: Minimum age 15 years old (parent’s permission required for flyers aged 15-17 years old. If you’re over 110kg give us a call re wetsuit sizing. You need to comfortable in the water to fly the shred sled and have reasonable balance.

WE PROVIDE: Wetsuit, wetsuit booties, lifejacket, helmet with Bluetooth headset that lets you communicate with your instructor. Optional Gopro footage on SD card of your flight filmed from the jetski.

YOU BRING: Swim suit and towel